Blanca Canada manufactures  highly engineered  windows for energy efficiency, security and esthetics. All these  features can be found in the various types of windows being offered nowadays in varying degrees depending on the type of window, the materials being used to manufacture the frames and the sashes, The needs of a homeowner differ from those of a commercial property developper. The best window for your home or property will be the one that meets your needs. Whether you are renovator or acquiring new windows for a brand new residential or commercial  property, it is important to determine your criteria for selection.

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Which windows should you choose?

At Blanca we aim to  meet all these criteria  and we will advise you about the best options available to you.. ​Different types of windows offer more options for embellishment and ventilation. Some are  more energy efficient and also better at reducing noise.  Some are  easier to operate and allow for easy maintenance. Some windows have better safety features. The perfect window is the one that meets your needs.

The first consideration should be the materials used to manufacture the windows. CLICK HERE for more info.

Blanca Canada manufactures high quality durable energy efficient window in aluminum and Hybrid and PVC  materials at highjy competitive prices. These windows will embellish your property, provide a natural  source of light, reduce noise, allow natural ventilation,  increase your safety and reduce your heating and cooling cost.

Here are some of the factors that can influence your decision to replace your  windows or to acquire windows for a new construction:

  •  esthetics
  •  security features
  •  quality  and durability of the product
  •  energy efficiency to reduce heating and cooling cost
  •  noise reduction lto increase the comfort level inside the property
  •  proper ventilation
  • ease of operation
  • easy maintenance